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Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth is a unique person. He lived in the first part of the first century AD and was put to death around 30 AD. He founded no empires, led no revolutions and fought no battles. He hardly travelled outside the confines of Rural Galilee and Jerusalem. And yet in spite of this he has had a world-wide effect. Two thousand years later almost every human being on the earth over the age of ten has some idea of his work and importance.


The main accounts of Jesus appear in the Gospels, which tell the circumstances of his birth and give a very detailed account of his words and actions during the period of his main activity, a period known as his “Ministry”, and end with a description of his crucifixion and resurrection. The purpose of Jesus, and some of the details of his life and work, were predicted in the Old Testament, in books completed at least four centuries before the start of his ministry, and the letters of the Apostles also refer to him.


In addition to the references to Jesus in the Bible there are references in the writings of various Roman historians and even in the Jewish Talmud. The picture of Jesus Christ in the New Testament is as secure as it is possible for it to be.


The main issues concerning Jesus Christ are these:-



Jesus is not merely an obscure teacher from long ago. He is the person who will judge your life when you meet him. He is certainly worth investigating.

Evidence for the Gospels

The Gospels contain a very accurate record of the doings and teaching of Jesus. Click here for evidence to show the accuracy of the Gospels.

The Resurrection of Jesus

The important claim of Jesus of Nazareth is that he was raised from the dead. The evidence to support this fact is overwhelming. Click here for a page which shows some of this evidence.

The Unique Jesus Christ

Jesus is unlike any other person in history, before or since. The expectations of the time were for a person completely different from the Jesus of the Gospels. Click here for a summary of this evidence.

Jesus in Ancient Records

Jesus lived in the real world and while he was not a figure who would be expected to attract attention in the Roman world he still appears in documents outside the Bible. Click here for a summary of this evidence.




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Introducing Jesus Christ

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Jesus of Nazareth