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This Website is about the Bible. It provides evidence on the question of whether the Bible is a reliable book. This involves three issues:-

The website contains information on these issues and on the basics of how the Bible was written and how it came to us. Follow the links for more information.


Evidence of Reliability

One can test whether any ancient document is a reliable record of the events it describes by a collection of tests. These include:-

Evidence of these kinds shows that the Bible is, indeed a reliable record. Click here for more detail.



Jesus of Nazareth

Amazing claims are made for Jesus of  Nazareth. The Bible says he was the king anointed by God. He made the claim to be the Son of God. His disciples proclaimed that he rose from the dead. Look here for evidence about Jesus:-

For real evidence on these questions click on the indicated places or use the navigation bar above..

Evidence of Inspiration

The Bible is more than a historical document. It claims to have a message from  God. Evidence for inspiration comes in a number of areas:-

Click this section to see the evidence for yourself.



Criticisms of the Bible

The Bible is a controversial document and is often attacked by critics. This section looks at some of the criticisms made that the Bible is historically or scientifically inaccurate or that it is simply one selection from many apocryphal works, or that it is morally defective.



The Bible by Sections

The Bible divides into Old Testament and New Testament and within these there are further divisions. The evidence varies from one section to another. Click here to see evidence for particular sections of the Bible.


To move to one of the articles you can usually click on a link in the text and pictures of a web page. Alternatively, use the menu bar at the top of the page. You will need to enable javascript to allow this menu to operate if you are using Internet Explorer.

The Text of the New Testament.

Evidence that the text of the New Testament has not changed in any significant way since it was written.

The Gospels and Archaeology

Archaeological evidence for the reliability of the Gospels.

The Resurrection of Jesus

The evidence shows that this is a fact of history.



Dating the New Testament

A calculation of the dates of Acts and the Letters.

Undesigned Coincidences

Evidence that the Gospels are accurate eyewitness testimony.



Reasons for Believing the Bible and its Message

Science and the Existence of God

This is one of the most debated areas of religious life and one of the most commonly voiced objections to the Bible. Click here to go to the page on Science and God.