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The Purpose of this part of the website is to address individual issues in evidence for the Bible which are not addressed anywhere else in the site. It is hoped that in time this page will become a home page for such issues. In the mean time it provides links to downloads on the areas covered.

The New Testament Apocrypha

One line of  argument against Real Christianity is the claim that the New Testament is no more reliable than the teachings of the Apocryphal Gospels and particularly the Gnostic Gospels. In reality these apocryphal works were written long after the New Testament was complete, contain errors of fact which can easily be seen when they are compared with Archaeology, contain linguistic elements which indicate a second century (or later) date, contain no fulfilled prophecy and are frequently at odds with the teaching of the rest of scripture. Because of this it is relatively easy to detect the counterfeit in the apocrypnal gospels and they can thus be ignored.


Bible Ethics - Is the Bible an immoral document:?

Modern atheists sometimes pour scorn on the Bible because it is not politically correct. They assert that the Bible condones slavery, encourages genocide and is discriminatory. This shows a lack of understanding of the Bible and of the background against which the moral precepts of the Bible are given. Slavery in the Old Testament was nothing like modern slavery, while in the New Testament period Christians were expected to avoid any position of political power where they might abolish slavery. Similar understanding of the situation for the other points shows that the Bible takes a higher moral line than its critics.


A major point which follows this is how one knows what is right and what is wrong. Even the greatest philosophers have failed to derive even a basic system of ethics from pure logic and empirical fact and it is now known that it is not possible to define right and wrong without the idea of an entity outside the universe to provide a moral standard. This is one of the roles of the God of the Bible. By claiming that there is a moral standard against which the Bible can be judged the atheist is admitting the existence of God.


The Problem of Suffering.

One argument which is regularly produced by atheists is the argument that a Good God would not allow suffering in the world and that the existence of suffering is thus proof that no God exists.


In reality this argument fails for two reasons:-



Thus the atheist argument has no meaning unless there is a God to define right and wrong. If there is, then the argument simply states that this God cannot be indulgent, but must be a moral judge of mankind.


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The New Testament Apocrypha

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The Problem of Suffering

Clear Proof that God exists

Click here for a pdf file of a 10 page article which shows how our understanding of the problem of suffering in the world points to the existence of a creator God.

The Universal Moral Principle

There is universal agreement that some things are right while others are wrong. The existence of such a principle requires an external entity to underwrite it. Such an entity must have mind and moral intent. This is evidence for the existence of God. Click here for an article which discusses the universal moral principle.

Why Believe the Gospels?

The Gospels are our primary evidence for the person of Jesus Christ, who he was, what he taught and what he did. Click here for evidence that shows how reliable the Gospels really are.

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The Canon of Scripture

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Reliability of the Bible

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Jesus Christ

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Science and God’s Existence

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